Technology in the hands of great teachers or coaches can be transformational….. but where do you even begin?!

Todays educators and coaches should be embracing the role of technology. A healthy balance of purposeful integration really can improve or transform our teaching programs, student outcomes and athlete or team performance. Technology for the sake of technology, or technology without clear purpose, planning or user understanding is not only frustrating to use, but can be detrimental to achieving goals and outcomes.

AIM HIGH JUMP OFTEN is a mixture of personal reflections and idea sharing aimed at the HPE teacher and Sports coach. On top of teaching Physical, Health and Outdoor Educations I’ve also helped HPE departments and sporting clubs get started, or improve on, their IT integration. AIM HIGH JUMP OFTEN originally started as a portfolio of teaching resources put together for a uni assignment. Overwhelmed with the enormity that was ‘out there’ I started this blog as a means of personal reflection and idea sharing. Because not all the things I stumbled across on the big wide web could be used in my programs, but, perhaps they could be used by ‘future me’, or by others. 


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