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PHYS ED: Using PicJointer for Fitness Training

Previously I’ve written about a unit I teach called Sport and Fitness (read more here). Basically I’m continually on the look out for different ways to train an energetic bunch of year 9s. Being into fitness training myself I adapted one of my own training techniques into a lesson plan.


Heres what I do:

  1. Find/take photos of four ‘cardio focused’ exercises  (I get inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest and Fitness Magazines).
  2. Use Pic Jointer app to join four photos into one (Refer to photo above).
  3. Use Phoster app to add text/symbols (ie. arrows or title each exercise)
  4. Save photo as LOCK SCREEN background as bit of reminder
  5. Complete Hiit training using Interval Timer on iPhone:
    • 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
    • Complete each station twice in row (each circuit goes for 4 minutes)
    • Complete entire circuit four times (total workout time 16 minutes)

Heres the idea turned into a lesson:

  • Place students in groups of 4
  • Each student in the group to create a 4 station Hiit workout like one above using apps like Pic Jointer (app) and Phoster (app) if wish (ie. if school has BYOD set up), or, could do something similar in word or pages, or, can create online using Photo Joiner.
  • Students complete Hiit training workout in class:
    • 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
    • Complete each station twice in row (each circuit ~4 minutes)
    • Complete each students circuit once (entire workout time ~16minutes)
  •  Notes:
    • To ensure variety of circuits you could give each student in the group a focus each (ie. cardio, arms, legs, core), or, offer ‘prize’ for the student who manages to use exercises no one else (in their group of four) has chosen.
    • If using the apps, students may not be able to find a photo that explains the entire movement in ONE image (i.e. burpees usually have 3-4 images). Remember then the images are meant to serve as a quick reminder, not so much a step-by-step instruction.

For me, this is how I keep things interesting. Variety is important in training so I do this as a way to add variety / try new things. I think there are a lot of people who spend hours looking at ‘great ideas’ and ‘fitspo’ online but may never actually put it to use. So this was my way of turning ideas into workouts. I prefer working with photos rather than words. For students, I think its a good way to encourage them to actually learn about the exercise before hand (i.e. don’t rely on lots of written instructions – do your research before and then spend time working up a sweat rather than fussing over notes).

I’ve also used this approach to get me into Yoga in the mornings. Just four simple exercises to get me moving and stretching. Nice way to start the day. And its great to show students how you use your own ideas in your own time – practice what you preach / lead by example…. all that good stuff.




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