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HEALTH ED: Alcohol

A few resources and ideas for teaching students about alcohol in Health Education.

  • Brainstorm in small groups: What I already know about alcohol. Questions I have about alcohol.
  • Statistics: Its important to use current statistics to highlight to students that the MAJORITY of young people (12-15years in Australia) ARE NOT drinking alcohol. DARTA is the place to get statistics (thanks to the amazing Paul Dillon for his work here!). I pick a few stats relevant to the year group I’m teaching and run a mini class quiz offering prizes for students who guess exact. Often a great conversation starter.
  • Student questions answered: Speaking of Paul Dillon, he has a great blog answering hairy questions from students. A great place for students to check out for more information
  • Body drawing: The biggest question our students (year 8) seemed to have when we did the in class brainstorm was “what does it feel like to be drunk?” so we’ll be spending time exploring the short term effects of alcohol. I had students trace themselves onto butchers paper and ‘brainstorm’ short term effects off the body tracing. Started lesson by explaining the basics behind alcohol absorption, distribution and elimination – getting students to highlight these organs/body parts. These resources were useful The science of getting drunk info graphic How is alcohol affecting you? & Alcohol and your brain &  How does alcohol affect the body (focusing on the fact that alcohol is a depressant and discussing what this means in terms of body function).

Alcohol and the body

  • Worksheets: Great worksheets and activities available here !!
  • Debate: Discuss/debate ways to change the ‘binge drinking culture’. Students in groups of 3 (writer, announcer, researcher) to discuss pros and cons of each of the below ‘solutions’ to the ‘binge drinking’ problem. Share findings and take class vote at end. Possible solutions: Raise the drinking age to 21 > Increase price of alcohol by 30% > Fine parents large amounts if their children are found drinking > Students choice (students to come up with alternate solution to those listed).
  • Read & explore:  This resource provides research, information, ideas and strategies to support teachers in assisting students to explore issues relating to alcohol and to develop skills which enable them to be advocates for their own and others’ health. It provides a range of strategies and lesson ideas that can be selected when developing drug education lessons.
  • Decision Making model: We also look at a decision making model to explore scenarios

Decision Making Model

  • Discuss scenarios: Using the above decision making model.
  1. One of your friends rocked up to your party drunk with two other people you hadn’t invite.
  2. One of your friends snuck in alcohol, has drunk quite a bit, is feeling really sick and wants to go lay down in a quiet bedroom.
  3. One of your friends snuck in some alcohol and offers it to you.
  4. One of your friends rocked up tipsy to your party stays for a bit but then decides to call an older male friend to come pick her up and take her to an 18th birthday party.



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