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PHYS ED: Flipped Classroom – Athletics

“Flipped learning is giving students an insight into what they are going to be learning in the next lesson. Instad of homework being set to review a lesson, it is a lead in to the next lesson. The idea being that students do the reading that does not require teacher support and then class time can be used to unpick th knowledge and think about what it means and how it can be applied.” http://www.matpullen.com

One way to go about the flipped classroom is to create your own videos to share with students. This allows you to record the information you want students to know about. Apps that enable this approach include: Explain everything, shawdow puppet, iMovie, Tellagami and Touchcast.

Thanks to the help of a enthusiastic practicum teacher of mine we managed to explore the flipped classroom in our year 7 athletics unit. Taking a slightly ‘easier’ (in our eyes) apporach, we found suitable videos on YouTube and set them as ‘pre-class-homework’ with three to four focus questions for students to answer. The overall intention was for students to come with a basic understanding of the ‘event’ and have recognised (or thought about) some of the key teaching points of the skill.

Heres a few examples of videos used for this flipped classroom approach:

  • High Jump in Slow motion : First body part over the bar? Position of body over the bar? When do the legs flick?
  • Usain bolt – How to Win 100m : What is key at the start? When is the drive phase? Does his body position change over the 100m? When does he reach top speed?
  • How to Improve your long jump technique : How many components are in the long jump? What are they? What is the most important thing in the run up? What else is important in the run up? After take off what do you need to do with your non-take off knee?
  • Discus : How is the discus held? Describe how the athlete ‘winds up’ in preparation to throw – think about what the arms, legs and torso are doing. When is the discus released?

The year 7s really embraced this approach. I think ‘watching youtube videos’ as homework was a bit of a novelty and they enjoyed watching and learning from high level athletes.

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