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HEALTH ED: #Fitspiration

#fitspiration #curvespiration #thinspiration – there is a great debate evolving online as people start to realize this shouldn’t be a competition.

Check out a few blog posts about the topic here, here, here, here and here… lots of people having something to say about it. In my opinion, where ever you get your inspiration just be sure it inspires you to be fit and healthy and is not focused on looks or ideas of what’s considered attractive. Fit and healthy is a conscious lifestyle choice that sees you making decisions to treat your body a certain way based on a pursuit of health and happiness. Don’t Compare yourself or compete with an unrealistic image of what ‘attractiveness’ is. We are who we are largely thanks to genetics. This means everyone will get different results from different means. What works for one may work for another but not necessarily. Focus on what you can control – your lifestyle choices. Pay attention to, and learn from, your body and its reactions to food and exercise.

With a few pictures as prompters “#fitspiration” could create quite an interesting discussion in health…. or at least get students thinking about what inspires ‘healthy lifestyle wise’ and why.





Leading off

 NOTE: Each of these women are at the peak of fitness for their sport, all different shapes, all looked after nutritionally so they are at optimum health.

Another idea is to get students to create a #healthspiration or #fitspiration page. Something they can add to over the Unit. Could tie nicely into units based around Fitness, Nutrition and/or Body Image. Be sure to get students to comment briefly below each image so they can pinpoint the inspiration it gives them.

This blog is also worth a look! Entitled “Stupid Bad Memes” its a great ‘rant’ about memes that aim to body shame.



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