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OUTDOOR ED: Cooking on Trangias


When on Outdoor Education expeditions we (leaders & students) cook our meals on Trangias. Part of camp preparation is obviously learning how to safely and effectively use them. Heres just a couple of  lesson ideas for Trangia Cooking.

  • Introduction Q&A (done in a discussion type forum. Limit ‘lecturing’. Key points discussed tracked on white board or projected. Safety points stressed when get to these – see these as ‘rules of use’. The last two questions really come down to experience and trial and error – as much as I try to explain this to students they learn best through their own experiences – asking these questions now just gets them to consider the differences that exist between trangia cooking on camp, and stove cooking at home. I do often ask these last few questions again after they have been on their first expedition – we compare meals people cooked and how easy/messy they were.)
    • Take apart the trangia. How many parts are there? Make up a name for each part.
    • Attempt to put the trangia together like you are going to boil water on it.
    • To cook and eat in the outdoors you need to pack more than just a trangia. What else will you need to bring to be able to cook, eat and clean up your meals?
    • Why should you place your trangia on flat ground when cooking?
    • Why must you never refill the burner while it is lit?
    • How do you adjust the flame whilst cooking?
    • How do you extinguish the flame?
    • Give three tips for cleaning and packing up trangias? Remember, when you are camping, you don’t necessarily have access to a sink or running water!!
    • Give five safety tips when using trangias?
    • Give three examples of MESSY trangia food options you should probably avoid (unless you are ok with dedicating more time to cleaning up). Consider both breakfast and dinner options (we don’t cook lunch because of time).
    • Give three examples of meals you think would be QUICK to make and EASY to clean up after. Remember, when you are camping, you don’t have access to a sink or running water!!
  • ‘How to video/summary sheet’. Students to create one page summary or 2 minute video. Something similar to this – http://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Trangia-Camping-Stove
  • Trangia Master Chef. Find some more ‘extravagant’ recipes to try on the trangia and have a cook off (refer to Campsite Recipes link below).
  • In terms of ‘using/cooking’ on Trangia’s I usually progress as follows:
    • Boil water to make a hot chocolate + clean up
    • Boil water to make a dehydrated pasta meal + clean up after
    • Cook recipe of own choice (preferably something you want to bring on expedition – use this as a ‘test run’). Time how long it takes to cook and clean up.
    • Trangia Master Chef (test out recipe, not necessarily one you’d bring on a extended expedition)

Some other useful teacher resources:

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