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PHYS ED: Music as a motivator

I’m a big believer in the power of music as a motivator – for me personally during workouts, and in my Phys Ed Lessons. There are two apps I’m currently loving:

  • Music Workout – Interval Timer for Fitness and Exercise  – Set the work duration, rest duration and number of sets you want. Choose cues to alert you of a change in interval (ie. bell sound or music stops). Select music you want. Save workouts.
  • Nike+ Running – Tracks your time, distance and pace. Tracks your progress. Can set to music so you run to your own soundtrack. Talks to you during your run every time you hit a kilometer. Don’t need to LOGIN to use it, but can if you want to access more functions (big plus in my eyes).  I love this app because the music is a great motivator, but so is the lady who pipes up every km to tell me how far I’ve run and how fast I’m going – she’s a good virtual trainer 🙂

The MUSIC WORKOUT app is great for the classroom!

  • Circuits: Fitness circuit in outdoor ed as part of expedition preparation. Ball work stations in netball / basketball lessons. Skill stations in jump rope lessons.
  • Brain breaks: I set the workout to 5mins and rest to 25mins. Students work in silence to the ‘rest’ time and then get 5mins break to music in the ‘workout’ interval. Works well during ‘study week’ when upper high school studying for exams.

Interested in the ‘science’ behind music as a motivator? Research (read in  detail here) suggests four central hypotheses explaining music’s facilitation of exercise performance:

  1. A reduction in the feeling of fatigue – Music can prevent exercisers from focusing on physical sensations of fatigue and hence enable increases in workload or time to exhaustion
  2. An increase in levels of psychological arousal – When doing physically demanding work or exercise, energetic music that you enjoy is most beneficial.
  3. A physiological relaxation response – Music  appears to limit some of the uncomfortable physical sensations associated with exercise.
  4. An improvement in motor coordination – Applying a rhythmic component to exercise sessions may help with the coordination of motor skills, large and small 

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