ICT in Ed

TEACH: Pinterest

For me, the easiest way to save/file all the online goodies I find is with Pinterest. Described as “a tool for collecting and organizing things you love” Pinterest is exactly what I needed – a place to store all the ideas, inspiration, motivation and resources in one easy online location.

  • PRO: I love it because each PIN is a picture/photo with short description. And being more of a visual learner means I can remember things by the picture much easier than the description.
  • PRO: It has an iPhone and iPad app so can be used on the go. Handy when at a PD and someone mentions a great online tool/resource, you can find it quickly and pin it for later viewing.
  • CON: You can not ‘categorize’ things beyond putting them on a ‘board’. For example I have a ‘Health Education’ board, but everything I pin is in the order that I pinned it. Not alphabetical order, or ordered by topic. Just all in there as a long list of goodness.

Check out Pinterest page of Aimhighjumpoftn here (http://www.pinterest.com/aimhighjumpoftn/)

Find out more about using Pinterest in Education

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