Health Ed

TEACH: Respect & Integrity

Respect and integrity…

Two popular core values wouldn’t you reckon? But difficult to teach. And do those who claim to live by them, do just that? Hmmmmmm some juicy dinner time conversation perhaps. Definitely a potential topic for some deep and meaningful discussion… for adults. But can it be taught to students?

How do we teach students to be good people??

Obviously, I believe, these types of topics need to be learned through living… or at least through real life examples. The words mean different things to different people of different ages and different backgrounds. Certainly worth exploring in the health and phys ed classroom.

Explore topic in Health

  • What does respect look like in different places: at school, at home, in public places?
  • What does acting with integrity look like in different scenarios (provide students with scenarios)?
  • When is acting with integrity easy?
  • When is acting with integrity hard?
  • What sort of positive effects result from acting with integrity? Negative effects result from acting without integrity? (best explained by way of examples)
  • How do you feel when other people act without integrity (best explained with example)?

Real life example in Phys Ed

  • Follow discussions of respect and integrity into the Phys Ed class (ie. sportsmanship, respecting umpires)
  • LINKS REALLY WELL INTO SEPEP MODEL!! (previously blogged about here)
  • What did respect look like or sound like on the sporting field? (i.e. positive support of team mates)
  • What did integrity look like or sound like on the sporting field? (i.e. not taking advantage of umpires lack of knowledge or confidence – owning up to breaking rules)
  • Is it easier or harder to show respect and integrity on the sporting field? (i.e. impact of competition / wanting to win) 

Integrity scenarios

  • Standing in line at a store, you notice, when a customer in front of you pulls the keys out of their pocket, $10 falls to the floor.  No one notices this but you.  Do you pick up the $10 and keep it  “finders keepers, losers weepers” or do you give it back to the person ahead of you in line?
  • On a test, you notice your teacher has counted incorrectly and your score is higher than it should be.  Do you say anything to your teacher about the mistake?
  • You get let out of class 5mins late and now the canteen cue is HUGE. You see your friends near the front of the line. Do you join your friend near the front of the line so you don’t miss out on all the good canteen food?
  • Heaps of other ‘integrity scenarios’ out there if you google it!!

Also, here is an interesting article written by a mum called ‘teaching children to have integrity’. Funny that this is very similar to how I’m teaching things in health. Just goes to show that a lot of ‘being a good person’ stuff should also be taught and reinforced at home.


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