Health Ed

HEALTH ED: Cyberbullying – movie

Movie link:

Inspired by a true story: 

Notes about the movie:

  • The movie gets emotional.
  • Probably more suited to female audience than males.
  • In the second half of the movie the main character attempts suicide (pill overdose).
  • The movie isn’t graphic – it more suggests she is about to attempt suicide.
  • Explain to students they can stop watching (heads on desk) if they wish, or as last resort leave the room (go to the toilet for time out) but must return as it is important they watch the end of the movie
  • At end of lesson: Explain it’s good to talk about anything they have questions from the movie and we can do this next week. But if anything’s bothering them between now and then suggest they chat to friends, a teacher or someone they feel comfortable speaking to.

Debrief questions

  • When did harmless online fun turn into something more sinister?
  • Do you think someone is to blame for Taylors attempted suicide?
  • What could Taylor have done to put a stop to the bullying sooner?
  • Why do you think Samantha created the James profile?
  • Can you understand why Samantha created James profile?
  • What do you think is a more reasonable thing to do if you are really angry with one of your friends?
  • If you don’t feel like you can talk to your friends, or your parent who can you talk to?
  • Do you think it was a good idea for Taylor to call Lindsay a ‘bitch’?
  • Would you join clicksters? Why?
  • In the movie, the mother tries to seek help for her daughter to put a stop to the bullying. The police tell her it isn’t against the law ‘in this state’ to post nasty things about a person on line. Is cyberbullying against the law in WA?

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