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PHYS ED: Wet weather lessons for Phys Ed

Well its that time of year again – winter is here and exams are on so we have no indoor space for PE. Thought I’d spend a lazy Sunday morning brainstorming wet weather lesson options.

Non Active options – in a classroom with access to technology (chance to connect to ‘knowledge’ component of Phys Ed unit, or, connect to ‘health’ content being covered at that time)

  1. Create or view already created online timelines – Could create a timeline relevant to the sport currently being played.
  2. Have an already created quiz  of the ‘rules’ for students to complete (can be online via google doc ‘forms’ or Kahoots), or on paper.
  3. Students to a skills checklist for the basic skills of the game/sport. An example of one can be seen here. Suited to upper school or late middle school students.
  4. Students to create a ‘statistics’ sheet for the game/sport. They can search google images for examples but basically they’re creating some kind of table to record statistics. If students have iPads they could create a stats table on ‘DartFish Easy Tag‘. Can find video clips of the game/sport and have students test out their creations. Next prac lesson students who aren’t participating can take stats.
  5. Previously have videoed students performing skill drills, or playing a game and use this time to watch it back and either analyse (skill focus) or gather statistics (tactic and game play focus)

Active Options – in undercover area / classroom

  1. Do some fitness tests relevant to the sport. Obviously choosing tests that can be done in limited space: vertical jump, sit and reach, sit up test, push up test, grip strength, harvard step test, hop test, hop jump test
  2. Create a step-by-step guide of ‘how to’ do the basic skills of the game/sport. Can create using iPad app snap guide or do something similar (ie. step by step guide with photos and information) in Pages or Keynote.
  3. Have students work in groups to create a short choreographed warm up to music. Make it relevant to the sport by using similar movements and muscle groups. Inspiration for this task here
  4. Have students work in groups. They chose a fitness component relevant to the sport and create a drill that challenges/trains this component. Provide small number of ‘restrictions/guidelines’ to suit the space (ie. no equipment, one piece of equipment only, must be contained with a certain space etc)

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