ICT in Ed

TEACH: Edmodo

I first started using Edmodo last year with a Sports Science class I had (read about it here). Now I have quite a few edmodo pages for different classes, groups and teams.

With my upper school outdoor ed classes I use it as a place to post lesson resources/worksheets, send messages and reminders and leave relief lessons when I’m away with camps or carnivals.

Today’s lesson is in YO6 (enter from outside!!). We are revising three topics: SAFETY, LEADERSHIP and PERSONAL AND GROUP DEVELOPMENT. The attached question sheet will help you revise and prepare for the Exam. The best way to approach this; read a question, attempt to answer it, if you get stuck refer back to the lesson resources or textbook.

With my middle school PE and HE classes I use it as a place to post cool videos and fun facts about the sports we are currently learning, or links and resources for our health lessons. Attempting a bit of a ‘flipped coach’ approach with it. Heres an example post:

We are about to start VOLLEYBALL and I just wanted to give you a look at what it looks like at an ELITE level. These guys are amazing! Can you see how tall they are all at this level too?! They would all be over 6 foot tall. If you picture Mr Howard, they are pretty much his height! The Australian mens team is currently ranked 22nd in the world. Brazil is ranked number one in the world. The Australian women’s team doesn’t rank in the top 100 teams. USA is ranked number one in the world.

2008 Olympic Volleyball Highlights

With the teams I coach I use edmodo as a place to post game and training debriefs, important reminders, ladder information and videos of players with skill technique tips. Heres an example of a post:

ROUND 4 – Recap: A little bit closer in the final tally margin but still a pleasing result. Great to hear the song sung on the bus on the way home! More of that please!! Even though ABC didn’t score they did put on a lot of pressure! If you have a look at the stats they actually laid MORE tackles than us. What we didn’t do enough of was shepherds! Because of this there was a lot of pressure on us when disposing of the ball and hence a lot of handballs rather than kicking clear. So something to take into next game – lets lay some shepherds to help our team mates out so they can get a clear kick on ball! Check out the first video below for some tips on shepherding! Another stat worth noting is we dropped 15 marks – which is a lot. This cold, wet and slippery weather is likely to continue so we need to get thumbs behind the ball and have good strong hands when attempting the above head mark. Check out the second video below for some tips on overhead marks.

Shepherding and Overhead Marking


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