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PHYS ED: The Flipped Coach

I’m constantly reminded how fast this world moves when I look back and remember what ICT I learnt about during my Dip Ed at university – which was only 2 years ago! Basically, it was not much.

We had one unit that challenged us to create something, anything, ICT related… so I created this blog.

We had one lecture in my Health Unit that was like the 101 ideas of how to use ICT in the classroom – it became the basis for my ‘INNOVATE’ page.

Now… So. Much. Has. Changed!!

First of all I’m at a school with MAC books and iPads. I didn’t even mention iPads on my original INNOVATE page!

Fast forward two years, and here I am. Blogging about a relatively new concept in Teaching called the Flipped Classroom. My first impression of the flipped classroom, was through the Khan Academy. Though at the time I didn’t connect the Flipped Classroom and the Khan Academy, I just thought ‘Wow – how cool is this!?’ Then my next thought was ‘if only I taught maths’…. and I let it be.

Now the Khan Academy has over 3100 videos on topics such as science, chemistry, history AND maths. So there is potential for me to use Khan within my Sports Science (Physical Education Studies) or Environmental Science (Outdoor Education Studies) lessons.

Furthermore, there are also some brilliant PE teachers who have taken the concept of the flipped classroom and used it for practical lessons! Here’s one such example worth checking out:

Fantastic tool for the PEGeek!

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