Health Ed

HEALTH ED: Drug Education Resources

  • website and iPad application that has a lesson by lesson breakdown. Fantastic resource that is defiantly worth a look. You create an account as a teacher and have students ‘join your class’ (somewhat like You can then get them to view lesson resources and answer questions/discussion points all online at their own pace. Also has a fantastic ‘intro video’ about why its important to seek ‘the truth about drugs’ (has a ‘People told me, but they lied’ theme).
  • and The Australian Government’s National Drugs Campaign. Aims to help young people and parents understand the harmful effects and consequences of drug use and reduce young Australians’ motivation to use illicit drugs by increasing their knowledge about the potential negative consequences of drug use. Includes info for youth, parents, campaign, news and getting help.
  • A You Tube channel created in bid to give summer music festival go-ers information about the dangers of ‘party’ drugs. “Remember to keep hydrated this festival season by drinking plenty of water. Music festivals are hot and sticky places, where its really easy to overheat in a very short amount of time”
  • Service provided by the Australian Drug Foundation that offers info about alcohol and other drugs and the prevention of related harms
  • ReachOut is Australia’s leading online youth mental health service, inspiring young people to take charge of their mental health and wellbeing, and find ways to boost their resilience and their ability to face tough situations.
  • Keeping in touchWorking with Alcohol and Other Drug Use is a resource that aims to develop staff confidence and competence in working with student drug use issues
  • Leading Education about Drugs: an Australian Government resource that supports teachers in utilising the active participation of students in health promotion activities which focus on preventing or minimising drug related harm. LEAD provides guidance to schools to assist them in preparing students for peer leadership roles to conduct drug education forums.
  • REDI (Resilience Education and Drug Information) resources contain helpful information and teaching aids for parents and teachers designed to support with nurturing children’s wellbeing, in particular drug-related harm.


Other useful videos / articles:


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