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TEACH: PE gets an iPad

Exciting news for the PE Department!

We’ve got an iPad! :o)

I was given the honour of testing it out and downloading apps… and I’m giving the PE Dep a quick demo and explaination on how we can use it on Monday.

Being a new resource, I haven’t had a chance to try much out in the classroom yet.  I’ve just spent the last week researching ideas, downloading and testing apps and brainstorming their use. Got a lot of great ideas from www.thepegeek.comthepeteacher.wordpress.com and twitter!

I created a bit of a summary document for the PE Dep. It follows a slightly different layout. I’ve used a common heading of I want to…’ and then added a whole heap of sub headings that briefly HOW they iPad can be used. I’m, hoping this approach (as opposed to just listing app names and summarising them) will give my colleagues a real sense of what CAN be done… plus hopefully inspire them to question what else they COULD do.

So here’s my ‘I want to…’ list:

This is just the beginning.

More to come as I test and trial each app or idea :o)


2 thoughts on “TEACH: PE gets an iPad

  1. Our Grade 9s have been fortunate enough to have iPads for part of this year, therefore we have as well, which has been great. I’m assuming you have to take Health as well, so I have also come across the following apps, which you might like to have a look at…
    Splashtop…controls and mirrors laptop or PC for presentations elsewhere in the school.
    Prezi Viewer…displays Prezi presos from prezi.com For an eg, take a look at @mrrobbo’s ACHPER International Conference presentation.
    Attendance…good for attendance
    VCEPE…great podcast for Sport Science at any level but has it’s focus on VCE.
    Dropbox…great for placing files and having access anywhere.
    Yo – yo test…modification on the Beep Test
    Planetary…just cool for your tunes.
    SimpleMind+…good for mind maps.

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