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PHYS ED: Badminton – TGFU

I have a year 9 female only Badminton unit this Term… actually only runs for half a Term which I dont think is enough as the girls are really getting into it, but only just getting a grasp on the skills… its harder than it looks!

I’ve taken a bit of a TGFU approach. In a nutshell: We  start with a modified game > we debrief the game > we practice the key skill recognised in the game > we debrief the skill to emphasise key teaching points > we finish with a game (like king of the court) for fun and more practice.

I like the TGFU approach as it allows students to:  Answer questions (rather than you ‘telling them’ everything); Think about game tactics which in turn leads to greater understanding of why the skills they are practicing are useful.

Being new to teaching, I’m still refining my TGFU skills… But heres some debrief questions I’ve used in previous lessons you may also find useful:
  • What is the name of the shot we have been using to push your opponent to the back of the court? Overhead clear
  • Is it easier to send your opponent back by using an overhead or underhand shot? Overhead forehand – power generated greater. Use analogy of throwing for distance to explain
  • What do you if the shuttle does not come to your strong (forehand) side? If possible lean across and play a forehand, otherwise play a backhand
  • Now that you can push your opponent back, where is the space you can attack to win a point? Front
  • How do you attack this front space? Drop shot (demonstrate)
  • What is the best way to make the shot unreturnable? Hit hard and straight to the ground (smash)
  • From where can you smash most easily? Front or middle of the court
  • What kinds of shots are you looking for from your opponent so you can use the smash? A weak clear or high drop shot
  • How can you return a smash without setting up your opponent for another smash? block or drop shot
  • Why is a high serve more risky in doubles than it is in singles? Shorter service box makes a smash off the high serve more likely
  • What serve can you use instead? Short/low
  • Dangers associated with this serve?  Hitting the net or hitting it too high and setting up for the smash
I’ve also got into the habit of writing the lesson OBJECTIVES and OUTLINE on the whiteboard in the gym. So when I start the lesson, and bring the students in for a debrief, I can refer to each key point on the board. It has helped give the lesson more meaning (and in turn the students ‘buy in’ more as they see purpose), plus helps keep the students and me on track :0)
Check out this website for some more information on the TGFU approach.
I’ve also previously blogged about the TGFU approach here

2 thoughts on “PHYS ED: Badminton – TGFU

  1. Great use of the TGFU model. I recently added a element to this approach in badminton. The students had to pick a card out of a hat. On the card was a tactical strategy/approach that they had to share with their doubles partner. This strategy was then what they had to follow for the next game. On completion of the game the doubles partners had to try and guess what strategy their opponents were employing followed by a discussion about whether it was effective etc.

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