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PHYS ED: Fair Play

As part of the SEPEP unit (read about it here) I’ll be exploring the concept of Fair Play. What it means, why its important, how it can be encouraged and supported in sporting clubs etc. Am putting together a lesson and making use of the following resources:

Wanting to do a bit of class discussion based on the ‘issues’ we’ve come up against in our own in-class competition (unfair teams due to ineffective grading, not very confident umpires and boys getting a tad competitive). Get the students thinking about how we can ‘better it’ in the next season (3 weeks away):
  • What does Fiar Play or Good Sportsmanship mean to you?
  • What are the signs of good sportsmanship?
  • Our in class competitions should aim to promote maximum participation and fair play. Do you think our competition is achieving these aims? Have these aims been challenged somehow?
  • What can we do to ensure maximum participation and fair play for the rest of our current season?
  • To ensure we learn from the challenges  we’ve faced, what would you recommend we think about introducing, adapting or implementing in our next season?
And am making use of a very recent sporting moment – the  NRL  Manly versus Melbourne Storm brawl.
  • Article one – BEFORE punishments announced >> with debrief question: What do you think are the appropriate punishments for Adam Blair and Glenn Stewart?
  • Article twoAFTER punishments announced >> with debrief question: (1.)What do you make of the fines and charges handed down? (2.) Do you think this kind of inappropriate behavior in sport influences young athletes? Do you think young people see this behavior and think it is ok to do on the sporting field? Why?

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