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SEPEP = Sports Education in Physical Education Program.

SEPEP seems to be one of those programs where there is a heap of information and resources out there if you learnt about it at uni or have done the PD… but try to find out more about it online and it gets blurry.

The SEPEP model ultimately aims to educate students about sport. Within the PE lessons, matched mixed ability teams are formed and a competitive season is played out. Teachers need to create an environment that enables and empowers students to assume far greater responsibility for their own learning by fulfilling roles such as team coach, captain, umpire, talent scout, sports management board and publicity officer.

So – students play a ‘competitive season’ of sport over the Term or Semester. In addition, students are elected  or allocated roles/responsibilities on top of being a ‘team player’. These roles/responsibilities are based around designing, developing and coordinating a fair, efficient, fun and successful season.

How teachers approach, enable and empower SEPEP differs. It can actually be a little confusing, overwhelming and seemingly of-endless-possibilities…..

Heres the approach I’m attempting:

TIME ALLOCATED I have 2 theory lessons and 3 practical lessons over a 6 day cycle

SPORTS we’re playing soccer, netball and touch rugby

ASSESSMENT I’ve decided that students will be assessed in three ways:

  1. Participation in all aspects of the sports education program (50%): fair play, committee member, coach, captain, duty team, umpire)
  2. Assignment create a ‘Coaches Handbook’ for a sport of your choice (25%): I have specified what information I want them to include in it (ie. court dimensions, blank score card, fair play information, skill drills, stretches, injury prevention)
  3. Test (25%) will include questions relating to rules of the sports we’re playing plus fair play, sportsmanship and the SEPEP approach.


  • All students will sit on a committee.
  • There are 5 committees: Presidents, Timetable, Grading, Umpiring, Training
  • The committees are broken down further into sport specific (ie. netball umpires, soccer umpires, touch rugby umpires). In this way, committees can meet as a whole or as a sport.
  • Presidents run meetings, oversee, offer suggestions, do speeches (grading day, opening match, grand final day) >> Timetable committee plans out the Semester (under guidance) >> Grading committee coordinates grading sessions and team selections >> Umpiring committee facilitates an information session on the rules of the sport >> Training committee coordinates a basic ‘training session’ at the start of the season.
  • All students will act as coach and captain at least once over the Semester (ie this role is rotated)
  • Students will be given class time to meet in their committees and work on their responsibilities.
  • I decided to do it this way as I wanted to make sure everyone sat on a committee (not the same people who always do it), and I wanted everyone to have a go at coaching and captaining (as a real means to see them ‘step up’ and be leader, role model and show good sportsmanship)
  • Each team will act as duty team (and umpire) over the course of the season
  • Topics we will explore include >> sports and competition >> fair play >>individual differences >> injury prevention >> first aid >> coaching basics >> rules of the game (umpiring committee to facilitate)
PRACTICAL LESSONS for each sport there will be:
  • 2 x grading days (coordinated by grading committee + president to give a ‘grading speech’ on first day)
  • 1 x training day (coordinated by training committee)
  • 5 x game rounds (duty team to facilitate + president give a ‘welcome speech’ at first game)
  • 1 x grand final (president to say a congratulations and thank you speech)
It’s with a group of year 10s…. Co-ed class….. We’ll see how they take to it…. I’m hoping they’ll really embrace it 🙂
But also weary of how much patience, perseverance and encouragement will be needed on my behalf.

3 thoughts on “PHYS ED: SEPEP

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  2. Love it Renee; I’ve just started a new unit at school this semester where SEPEP will drive our entire unit. So I’m inspired to now go and build the ultimate resource for integrating tech into this model.

    • Thanks Jarrod. If anyone can create an ultimate resource for integrating tech into this model its most certainly you! I think tech will provide the ‘revamp’ this model requires as its getting a bit ‘same old SEPEP’. My mind is going nuts just thinking about all the fantastic possibilities tech will offer. Look forward to hearing how you go.

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