Phys Ed

PHYS ED: An intro to Biomechanics

For my year 10 Sport Science class the latest topic we are exploring is Biomechanics. For our first theory lesson we explored what Biomechanics is (ie. definition) and what its ‘used for (ie. what biomechanists do).  I showed them a couple of youtube clips to emphasize two key roles of biomechanics:

  1. Improve performance
  2. Reduce/prevent injuries
Clip 1: (no sound needed)
Is of two tennis players. One skilled, one not-so-skilled.
Key discussion points:
  • Describe the movement of each player. Coordinated versus uncoordinated. Fluid versus jerky. Sequenced correctly versus incorrectly etc
  • If you were a coach, what advice would you give the unskilled player? Stance? Ball toss? Wind up? Follow through?
  • So… how can an understanding of biomechanics improve performance?
Is of parkour athletes. NOTE: Introduce this with a warning of ‘don’t try this at home!’ Key discussion points:
  • Describe the movement. Fluid, controlled, powerful, etc
  • What techniques do the participants use to reduce their chance of injury? Rolls, knee bends etc
  • So…. how does an understanding of biomechanics reduce injury?

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