Phys Ed

PHYS ED: Year 10 Recreation Focus

Year 10s in 4th term do a variety of ‘Recreational’ activities in an effort to open their eyes to a range of activities and means of getting active. So each class the students do a ‘short course’ in a myriad of recreational activities: tennis, badminton, walking, cycling, bocce, floorball, volleyball, ten pin bowling and cheerleading! Its all about ‘giving it a go’ and ‘seeing whats out there’. So the focus of the lesson isnt ‘skill development and technique’ – its more about participation.

The approach I’ve taken:

  • Warm up: Give the students equipment to have a ‘play’ with (ie. hit the tennis ball, try and rally in badminton, throw around the basketball)
  • Demo: Show students how to hold, hit, throw, catch. Explain some of the basic rules (ie. service areas and scoring).
  • Practice drills: The skills that were just demonstrated in a really easy drills
  • Game (Modified if required): King of the Court, Round Robin, First to 10 etc etc.
  • Closure: Provide info on where students can find out more about this sport, contacts of local club/group… Ask students “who would give this a go socially?”

NOTE: The students I’ve been doing this with are quite realiable and responsible (hence the warm up can be left up to them – other classes may require more structure and direction to ensure safe use of equipment)

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