Phys Ed

PHYS ED: Cheerleading – A taster

Leading on from my below post about Year 10 Recreation. I decided to give Cheerleading a go. Having never personally done it before, or facilitated it before it was a good challenge for myself too. Heres a brief outline of what I did:

  • Intro: Show different forms of cheerleading via YouTube (DANCE CCCHS cheerleader dance STUNT Columbus High School Cheerleading 08 STATE CHAMPS!  HUMOR HILARIOUSLY AWESOME DANCE 3 by Carroll Senior Powderpuff Cheerleaders
  • Demo: Show the students arm movements, basic dance moves (grapevine, box step, jive, cha cha, march, kicks). I showed the students basic feet movments and then asked them to put arms to them so they could start to see how it all fit together (and they soon realised simple nad repititve arms were the easiest!)
  • Group Challenge #1: Split into 2-4 groups (depending on size) and challenge each group to create 32 counts of cheerleading to the allocated song (same song for all groups). Give 10mins, then come back in and perform to class. Provide each group with handouts of arm movements, formations, jumps, and basic dance moves!
  • Group Challenge #2: In same groups have them create a sideline cheer (ie. chant) without music. There are heaps of examples cheers available on the web. Provide each group with handouts cheer examples!

The school had a store of pom poms so the students could really get into it. Its amazing what a simple motivational tool pom poms are! The group itself is no stranger to ‘group work’ so i had no problems with this less-structured approach. In hindsight – it would of been great to show/teach the students a 32 count dance routine – might have then given their own routines a bit more of a creative push.

Handy Links:

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