Health Ed

HEALTH ED: Young ppl over represented in road crash stats

The lesson started with a look at statistics. What they are, where they are gathered from (police reports and hospital data) and how the road safety office uses them to design and implement campaigns. We looked at the ‘cost’ of road crashes ($2billion per annum in WA) and discussed how this cost doesnt account for the emotional, social or legal costs to you, your family or your community. We looked at statistics of young people and discussed why there may be an overrepresentation of them in road crashes.

I then posed the question…. What if – the Government put the driving age up to 21 years old in a bid to decrease road crash statistics.

Of course the reaction was one of shock and horror. So I got the students to explore some possible alternatives and think about their effectiveness.

ACTIVITY: With a partner, read your allocated article. Summarize your findings (who, what, why, how. Do you think it would be effective?). Present back to the class. Finish with class vote on what they believe would work (tally results).

No where near as effective as having someone in the flesh coming in and talking about the car accident they were in and what it did to their life. But a good way to get the students to explore ideas and put opinions forward.

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