Phys Ed

PHYS ED: Movement to Music #2

Check out the first instalment here:

For the second lesson of Movement to Music we really needed to get moving on confirming some choreography. The yea 9s werent 100% sold on their song choice and the year 7s had 1million and 1 ideas being thrown around with little action of them. For both classes I adapted a theatre sports style game to get the girls warmed up, having som efun, working together and hopefully thinking outside the square.

TAKE A PICTURE: I’m going to call something out and I want you and your group to create it in a frozen picture – like I’ve just taken a photo of you. Create it however you want (so go with however your group interprets it). To start you’re going to have 30secs but as the game goes on you’ll get less and less time to strike your final pose.

  • A square
  • The word CAT
  • A star
  • A picnic
  • A wedding
  • A game of basketball
  • A holiday in Africa
  • A smiley face
  • A group of Cheerleaders
  • Lady Gagas back up dancers (mid song)
  • A Step Up dance-off


  • How did groups approach this task to start?
  • Did your approach change as the task got faster?
  • Was there a clear leader the group could follow or was the group a bit lost as to where to start? An ideas person perhaps?
  • Who found this task challenging? Who found it easy? Who was confident about making suggestions to the group? Who maybe hesitated before speaking up?
  • Who here has done dancing before? Who loves to dance? Whos not really confident about dancing? Who thinks they can dance pretty awesome?
  • DISCUSS: Comfort zones >> what is needed to ensure everyone can feel safe about ‘giving something like this a go’
  • END POINT: Pointing out the Movement 2 Music task is one that requires group work: communication, compromise, positivity and support.  

I then split the class in two and gave them the challenge of coming up with choreography to the first 30seconds of their chosen song. We got the groups back together and watched what each group had created. Had a little bit oftime left over to then discuss what we’d seen and how we could potentially merge the two, compromise with bits and pieces from both and confirm our opening.

The year 9s were more able to hear an idea and run with it – see if it worked – then adapt. Where as the year 7s got stuck throwing  million ideas around without actually trying many of them (“we could do this, and we could do that, and then we could do that, oh and then we could do this really cool thing I saw on Glee once……”). I spoke to them about this and perhaps putting more ideas into practice so you can see if they can actually work – or if they are completely different to what you’re picturing in your head.

Was interesting to see how each year group approached the task…. and will be interesting to see what each group comes up with in the end.

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