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HEALTH ED: Keys for Life

So I went to a PD day during the week. Facilitated by SDERA (school drug education and road aware) Keys for life is a pre-driver education program that targets students in Years 10-12 who are about to begin or have recently commenced the process of getting their drivers licence. Keys for Life aims to prepare young people for a lifetime of safer driving by focusing on the importance of gaining extensive hours of driving practice, developing positive road user attitudes and behaviours, and involving parents and the community. Students participating in Keys For Life are eleigible for one point towards their WACE and sit the Learners Permit Theory Test at schools with a fee saving at Licensing Centres.

The PD day itself was great. They gave us all the teaching and learning resources and talked through it all. There is a HEAP of activity ideas for you to use in whatever way you think is suitable or appropriate for your students. I’m looking forward to starting it with the girls as they seem to all be quite naturally motivated to get stuck into it…  The end product is actually something they can see purpose and gain benefit from.

SDERA heavily promotes the health promoting schools gramework be adopted to ensure effective Road Safety Education. Hence they’ve designed and created a heap of resources for teachers, parents and studnets.

  • Smart Steps: Aims to promote parent and community involvement in road safety education and improve road safety outcomes for children aged 0 – 4 years
  • Challenges and Choices: Tthe ability to safely interact with the traffic environment relies on the learning and reinforcement of age appropriate content and skills throughout phases of development. Challenges and Choices provides curriculum resources focus on the content and skills appropriate for Kindergarten to Year 10 students 
  • Getting it Together: A whole-school approach is dependent on schools, parents and communities working together to plan and implement road safety strategies within the school community.
  • Road Map: Is a directory to agencies who offer schools and communities road safety resources, professional development, presentations and services. Age appropriate road safety messages are presented in phases of schooling.

There are also a heap of other organisations that offer inforamtion resources, teaching resources, educational workshops and teacher training. The Road Map resource mentioned above spells this all out for you in handy ‘age group’ categories. I’ve listed a few below that are of use to Highschool teachers as thats my area of focus.

  • RAC: Facilitate a Keys for Life parent / student information workshop.
  • St Johns Ambulance: Offer a program called First Aid Focus that aims to promote and involve WA youth in the education of personal first aid. The also have an online program called Click to Save that has been designed to equip road users with basic first ai skills and the knowledge to do something before an amublance arrives.
  • Public Transport Authority: The Right Track program and website is aimed at addressing issues of anti-social behaviour, risk taking and safety on the train and bus system.
  • PBF Prevention: Is an innovative and powerful road safety program that encourages young people to make safer choices about road use by presenting a first-hand account of the devastating consequences of a serious road crash.

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