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PHYS ED: Movement 2 Music

The school I’m at does Movement 2 Music in Term four with year 7 to 9. It means each class in these year groups choreograph and perform a dance. The girls love it. A chance to give them creative licence and they just lap it up. Of course all those reality TV shows and movies like Step Up etc have meant a lot of interest in dance. So its great to see the girls so motivated… and having fun!

For the first class  I took time to discuss/explore the theme as each year is allocated a different theme to work with. I had a few YouTube video clips up my sleeve if I had to throw a few ideas at the girls… but generally speaking they have their finger on the pulse more than I do so they had plenty of ideas to throw out there. It was moreso a matter of refining and defining them a bit more. 

I also used the first lesson to explore choreography. Not that I know much about this at all – I did a bit of research on good old google and decided to focus my lesson around drawing attention to aspects of ‘TIME’, ‘SPACE’ and “ENERGY’. I showed the following YouTube clips (pointing out bits and pieces as they went to draw attention to different aspects)

I then led into a group activity where everyone picked a number out of a hat (1-5). I gave each group a CD with their allocated song on it. Each group then went away and choreographed a dance to the first 1min of their allocated song. Each song was quite different – old school rock, a musical number, a contemporary piece, something a bit more jazzy and one that sounded quite robotic. Girls did really well. Each group had the option to show their dance to the entire class at the end – 2 groups chose to perform.

Really enjoyed the group work of this lesson. Looking forward to what the girls produce as their final dance number.

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