Phys Ed

PHYS ED: Bring it on

Yesterday at uni we had a representative from Gymnastics WA come out and talk to us about the programs they have on offer in the community and for schools. Best thing about is that we were shown and got to try a few aerobic and cheerleading moves. Pom Poms are great fun! Definately see it being a valuable and enjoyable PE activity. There are ‘after-school’ community programs around the place that students can attend and there are courses and resources available frough Gymnastics WA for teachers to use in the classroom setting.

  • Team Cheer: Cheerleading and dance program.
  • Aeroskools: Aerobics program.
  • GymMix: A coaching and teaching resources for clubs and schools. It introduces participants to the fundamentals of gymnastics.

I did a very quick bit of searching for cheerleading resources and ideas. YouTube has heaps of cheerleading routine clips and a few ‘how to’ clips (great place to get inspiration). I started collect links to clips that show Cheerleading stunts and Cheerleading dances.  The stunts obviously require knowledge and experience in gymnastic skills. I wouldnt do these in the classroom without proper training, but I could show these clip to give students an idea of whats possible in cheerleading. The dance routines are  more usable for me in the class setting – the moves are pretty easy to replicate once you learn the ‘pom pom moves’ (which are available at Cheerleading Australia – link below).

The Australian Cheerleading Association has ‘rules and regulations’ and ‘safety guideline’ documents you can access. And there are books and coaching manuals you can purchase from Cheerleading Australia and Cheer Technique.

This clip is just good fun. Perhaps pointing out that cheerleading can be more about enthusiasm, energy and entertainment than backflips and highkicks if you want it to be.

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