Behaviour Mngmnt

TEACH: Engage

If students are engaged in learning (ie. interested and actively involved) potential management problems will be reduced. . Engagement requires variety in teaching/learning strategies (because no one strategy is better than the other and because students learn in different ways).  “The teacher needs to ‘sell things’ to students, to enthuse,  ecourage and motivate. If the teacher is enthusiastic, the children become enthusiastic” (Brady and Scully2005). We hence a have a responsibility to structure activities in ways that meet student needs and capture their interest AND  sustain interest so delivery of successful learning outcomes can be possible.

The following was taken from a book by Brady and Scully 2005 – ‘Engagement. Inclusive Classroom Management’


  • Surprise them
  • Review prior learning
  • Use advance organisers
  • Model interest
  • Highlight relevance
  • Use motivational cues


  • Give them choice
  • Support their progress
  • Provide feedback
  • Synthesise the experience (debrief, wrap up, closure)

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