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HEALTH ED: The ‘I Can’ Bug

Kiran Bir Sethi is the founder of Riverside school in Ahmedabad (India) and has launched an initiative to make Indian cities more child-friendly. See her inspirational speech about Riverside School here (seriously awesome stuff!)

She speaks about how teachers can help empower their students to take charge and make change happen by infecting them with what she calls the ‘ I Can’ bug. The ‘I Can’ bug is the feeling of empowerment.  The feeling we, as teachers, can instill in our students by believing in them and challenging them. Kiran speaks of the importance of imbedding learning in real worl contexts. Blurring the boundaries of school and life to allow students to go through a journey of:

  • ‘Aware’ (see the change)
  • ‘Enable’ (be changed) 
  • ‘Empower’ (lead the change)

From the ‘I Can’ bug, Kiran developed the Design For Change contest. The contest is about making our children believe that CHANGE is POSSIBLE and that THEY CAN be the CHANGE. Its about helping students to engage with people and real issues that effect them directly.


  • Adopt the ‘Aware, Engage, Empower’ principle in your lesson design
  • Use real world contexts and examples whenever possible
  • Implement the Design for Change contest or something similar

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